Quality Assurance

Through the quality assurance service we aimto ensure that the web solutions developed by our experts meet the needed standards and requirements.

Our quality assurance activities begin with the development methodology establishment establishing. After we clearly identify the needed standards and conventions, we carry out quality assurance activities such as testing and audits to ensure that the applications are being developed on the basis of the decided guidelines. In case of any standard or convention deviations, timely preventive action can be taken in order to ensure the quality solutions delivery.

Our team of testers and quality experts ensures quality solutions delivery by tailoring the quality assurance processes to meet individual projects’ requirements.


Testing is one of the most important quality assurance assets. Apart from identifying errors and bugs, testing helps in evaluating the usability and reliability of the web solution.

Some of the tests performed by our testers team in order to check software solutions for bugs and errors, include:

  • Integration testing to ensure that all the code units function in a proper manner;
  • Functionality testing to check every application’s feature behavior against expected and unexpected inputs;
  • Compatibility testing toensure that the application is compatible across platforms on which it operates;
  • Performance Testing to determine how the application will perform under user load;
  • Security Testing to identify business risks that may be caused by the new solution or third party integrations.

Our quality assurance team is responsible for documenting and recording the errors and issues identified during the testing process. Once the stage of testing and verifying has been successfully completed, the final version of the software application is released and implemented into your company’s internal processes.