Project management

Our project management service aims to ensure that the goals and objectives of the web solution we are going to delive you are fully met. Clear understanding of your business and technical requirements, transparent communication and strong planning are fundamental approaches for making every new software development project a success.

We assign a project manager to a specific IT project based on the client’s domain, its technical or business needs complexity and on our specialist relevant experience. A project manager acts as a point of contact between our client and the development team. Depending on project complexity, the project management services can be delivered:

  • Onsite: the project manager works with our client’s IT team or employees locally through the project lifecycle
  • Remote: the project manager operates from a remote location.

The responsibilities of the project manager include the following:

  • Defining the processes that will be followed in the designing, development and implementation stages of the project;
  • Suggesting various communication channels such as insant messengers or web conferences and laying down the most appropriate ones that are to be used for the duration of the project;
  • Identifying the project team who will be working on the project;
  • Assigning tasks to the team members.
  • Defining milestones for deliveries.
  • Informing the client of any deviation from the original scope of work. Our project manager will track any deviation and alert the client of any cost and time impact.

Our project managers head your software development project and is responsible for its success and timely delivery. Whether it is IT consultancy, migration, or web development, for us, project management is more than just delivering quality solutions within budget and time but it is also about building strong and reliable relationships with our clients.