We have built strong partner relationships with software solutions and IT services providers in order to bring comprehensive technology services and to our clients.

Al these partnerships help us keep our processes and knowledge at the highest levels, allow us to permanently evolve through competitive advantages and help us to assist our clients in making the proper decisions for their business.

StimaSoft is a strategic technology partner for Carerix. Its professional software engineers’ team assisted us in developing the Carerix comprehensive recruitment software.The StimaSoft team invested time to get acquainted with our company, industry field, and specific needs. Due to our good collaboration, we have decided to continue working with StimaSoft to continuously develop and implement new modules and features for the Carerix solution. They have helped us to automate the entire recruitment process for over 100 customers in the entire world.

Job Breur


Manager Operations

Since the beginning of our collaboration with StimaSoft we have appreciated the high standards and the quality they have proved.Our projects have become common objectives and have been treated with attention and seriousness.

The true and positive values that StimaSoft transmits offer us the guaranty of a steady and successful cooperation in the future.

Congratulations on the important place you have managed to occupy on the IT market! And we wish you many achievements in the future!

Camelia Safta

Cora Romania

Publicity and Communication Service Accountable

To our valued partner,

It is with great pleasure I write to you, to express our gratitude for all the hard work that was put forward by your team. Our new web-site has been a great success, and we are pleased with the outcome very much. We recommend StimaSoft to any company, who is searching for a team dedicated to creating a quailty product. We look forward to along and prosperous future together.

George Bakopanos

Class Hotel

General Manager

StimaSoft became on of our trusted partners. Our collaboration materalized already in several projects and I am sure that it will continue in the same direction. We worked together with StimaSoft team in various eLearning projects, both for the romanian and european market, and what I value most is:
deliveries that are true to Softwin standards, which means a maximum 3% necessary effort for bug-fixing;a high adaptability to new technologies, as they quickly embraced the most widely known sLearning standard but also utilizing a well known GIS product in a very short time;last but not least, the flexibility in embedding our requirements without endangering the quality standards of development.
What I want most for our furture relationship is for StimaSoft to develop other competencies and become a strategic partner for Softwin, and to strenghten this affirmation we are prepared to further invest in StimaSoft and its people.
Looking forward to other projects,

Mihnea Mihailescu

INTUITEXT, member of Softwin Group

Project Manager

Pro Management has been enjoying the collaboration with the Stima Soft specialists for about two years now. During this period we have been ascertained of the commitment and high standards of professionalism of the Stima Soft staff.

Reliability and professionalism have been the key words present in our training and consultancy projects, for which our beneficiaries have produced excellent feedback.

Complying with contractual terms/conditions, on-time delivery of services and especially quality are the arguments which recommend/campaign for/advocate for/ Stima Soft as a trustworthy partner offering the guarantee of a successful collaboration.

Viorel Carbunaru

Pro Management

Our decision to create a partnership with Stima Soft has started with the need of a custom software solution for managing projects and tracking their evolution. The project involved a close collaboration and represented a challenge for both of the teams and the outcome effected in a custom made solution that helped us not just minimize losses and maximize efforts, but also increase profit.

Stima Soft team has proven throughout the collaboration that it is professional, flexible and ready-witted! Those are the three essential qualities that we require from a partner, in order to provide us the support for developing the needed software tools and being competitive and strong on the market.

Our decision to choose Stima Soft as a partner is the evidence that this company has proven over time its dedication to the customers, in the way of providing products and services and prioritizing the satisfaction of its clients.

I strongly recommend Stima Soft team, their products and services, to all the companies that wish for a long-term partnership, reliable and flexible, with whom they can optimize business processes and also grow along! 

Serban Luzi

Chrome Computers

General Manager

Stimasoft is one of our trusted partners for a couple of years. During this time we met a lot of good professionals that not only complied perfectly with our demands, but also gave us a lot of great ideas for our projects. The reply time for the unexpected tasks was one of the lowest we ever encountered, and the deadlines were respected to the point. Congratulations for a perfect job!

Bogdan Putinica

Enea Romania

Chief Executive Officer

From our collaboration with Stima Soft we have easily identified two key elements that they offer, which can be considered very important in the services business
Minimum response time for any kind of request – informational or operational, not depending on the communication channel – fax, e-mail or phone;Full responsibility assumed over services quality and complying with contractual terms. Thank you for your services and we wish you success in your future endeavours.

Bogdan Stoian

TERRADOX Solutions

Departament marketing