Business Analysis

We conduct highly effective business analysis to assist your company in understanding how your investment in technology impacts on the quality of your activity. Our business analysis service’s main goals are to identify the best technology solutions to achieve your custom software solution and to improve it’s features in order to enable business performance.

We act as a connection between your company’s business objectives and IT processes

Our business analysis service helps your company identify opportunities to improve its internal and external processes. We assess the ongoing business activities within each part of the company, to determine how each specific activity contributes to the overall success. This approach helps ensure that the technical recommendations we make will have the greatest value for your company.

Our responsibilities include a comprehensive understanding of your business, the internal processes and the technology solutions you already use, and answering questions such as:

  • How does the technology solution you use contribute to meeting the business objectives?
  • Can a specific activity be done faster? With fewer technological or human resources?
  • Can more activities be linked together in order to streamline their process and produce a better result?
  • Is there a fast return on technology investment?

The business analysis service aims to gather and document technology requirements in a format that is appropriate for the software solution developers. With this information as a guide, it becomes much easier to identify high-value technical opportunities for improving your return on investments.

The Business Analysis Process

Our experienced business analyst consultants will customize the software solution to best fit your company’s goals and objectives. The business analysis process includes:

  • Understanding your field and your internal work-flow
  • Gathering, analyzing and documenting requirements
  • Communicating requirements
  • Identifying the best solutions and features needed

The business analysis plays a vital role in the success of every stage of a web solution development project. Our ultimate goal is to deliver an effective solution that meets your specific business needs. Our experienced business analyst consultants will determine the features of a customized software solution that can support your business strategy and your return on technology investments.