Solution Lifecycle

Solution’s Requirements Analysis

During the initial development stage of the solution, we will focus on identifying and collecting process requirements, which will next be prioritized. The analysis stage comprises:

  • Determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new solution
  • Identifying the possibly conflicting requirements from solutions’ users
  • Determining a list of constraints requirements that will be used for tracking how the project achieved its objectives.

Project Planning

The planning stage will provide the foundation for performing and managing the software project’s activities and addresses the commitments to our customer according to the resources, constraints, and features of the software project. The planning process includes:

  • Activities to be performed
  • Goals to be achieved
  • Necessary resources
  • Activities schedule

Solution Design

Relying upon the solution’s goals, during the design process we may focus on several important aspects such as:

  • Compatibility – the solution’s ability to operate with other products or solutions your company already uses.
  • Resistance & Robustness – the solution’s ability to recover from component failure and operate under stress or unpredictable input.
  • Modularity – the solution’s ability to integrate independent modules or components that leads to better maintainability.
  • Reusability – the solution’s ability to support further features and changes with slight or no modification.
  • Security – the solution’s ability to resist hostile actions and influences.
  • Usability – the solution’s ability to provide a usable user interface.

Solution Implementation

During the implementation stage our software development engineers will write the code for your project.

Solution Testing

During the solution testing stage we focus on finding process errors, evaluating features’ capabilities and determining whether it meets its required results. Through our testing procedures we aim to ensure our client’s solution will meet all the quality assurance standards.

Solution Deployment

Throughout the solution deployment stage we will effectively integrate the software solution into your company and employee workflow. This stage may include:

  • Solution installation & configuration
  • Running and testing on end-users’ devices
  • Making additional changes, if necessary.

Solution Maintenance

The solution maintenance stage is a complex period starting when the application becomes operational in your company environment. This stage may comprise:

  • Errors correction
  • Features addition or deletion
  • Technical adaptation to new data requirements, operational environment or user base
  • Technical adjustments to meet new attributes (usability, security, modularity etc.).