Database Services

From simple customer lists to more complex information systems, databases are a great tool to store and organize business data.

Giving a business the tools to effectively manage all of its information, databases allow employees to work smarter and to increase productivity. From day-to-day routine activities to strategic decision making, your company’s database provides critical information to all your employees, customers, partners and providers.

Our experienced database designers can assist your company through

  • Database consulting. We evaluate your business information requirements and flow and we will assist you in choosing the database that will perfectly match your business needs.
  • Database design. Our savvy database professionals create conceptual fully-tailored database architecture.
  • Database programming. We will start programming your database, focusing on managing your company’s information without reducing the flexibility of the data storage, manipulation and retrieval process.
  • Database migration is the process of transferring information between formats, computer systems or storage types.
  • Database optimization. We will use our expertise and experience in PHP and .NET programming in order to optimize your company’s database according to its specific needs.
  • Database integration. Based on a strategic approach, our experts can also assist your company to integrate databases with existing custom software applications.

There are many advantages of having proficient databases:

  • Large quantities of data can be shared among all the user;
  • Improved information accuracy and consistency;
  • Simplified use of data;
  • Improved efficiency by easily locating specific pieces of information.
Managing database projects is one of our major strengths.

We have managed complete and complex database projects for multiple industries. Our database expert team has expertise in providing flexible database design services and in creating customized tools, in order to give you the best solutions for your system, regardless of complexity.