Complex Platform with Multiple Integrated Applications for a Staffing and Recruiting Solution Provider


Our client, Carerix, is a Dutch company that offers a complete web-based recruitment software package. They were looking for a long-term, technical expert to develop an easy to use staffing and recruiting platform.

The challenge

Carerix needed a custom web platform, developed over their data base and capable to meet their customers’ specific needs, such as web portals, job boards, or third parties integrations.


  • Design, implement and maintain a complex, dynamic and comprehensive collection of products for any activity regarding the recruitment of personnel, selection and placement processes;
  • Develop a tool that can work both by using the products as separate elements or as an integrated platform;
  • Deploy the web platform as a full featured mobile web application.

Our approach

StimaSoft team developed a comprehensive recruitment software that provides a single system to post job openings, recruit potential candidates, and manage tasks. Marketed under four editions, the Carerix product allows companies to:

  • Recruit, select and place personnel;
  • Create contracts, manage the invoicing process and use web based time sheets;
  • Personalize and efficient communicate with candidates and clients whilst viewing the status of all ongoing processes at once;
  • Integrate the entire recruitment activities with existing processes and procedure.

An extensive database was combined with smart technology to support current and emerging forms of recruitment and staffing activities.
StimaSoft has been involved in the development process for over 7 years, with a team of 4 developers, 1 team leader, 2 testers, and 1 graphical designer.
To ease the system’s accessibility StimaSoft divided it and approached its development through 4 main sets of applications:

  • Direct recruitment tools – The backbone of these applications is represented by a very large database of available jobs, developed by StimaSoft’s specialists, over a period of 3 years and it included 8 versions, each one with its own updates.
  • Indirect recruiting tools – Focusing on reducing the time dedicated to resumes’ updating, candidate profiling and searching, and professional skills testing we developed a set of 3 applications integrated with third parties tools such as LinkedIn or Google.
  • Portable solutions – StimaSoft developed a condensed, portable version of the system dedicated to mobile devices. Moreover, in order to comply with Apple technologies, we migrated and optimized the mobile solution’s full functionalities and tools into an iPhone strictly dedicated application.
  • Internal applications – These applications were dedicated to simplify the entire system’s installation, maintenance and updating processes.

StimaSoft specialists’ knowledge and expertise in DHTML techniques helped us provide a rich user interface experience for our client’s applicants. Moreover, the whole portal was developed on the UTF-8 string manipulation basis, needed for multilingual support.
The solution provided by StimaSoft proved to be an integrated, end-to-end platform that manages all operational staffing functions and supports HR teams in their strategic decision-making.

Technical details

  • Technologies: PHP 5 / Smarty, Perl, Ajax, MySQL, SQLite
  • Platform: XML Custom Platform
  • Duration: 7+ years
  • Team: 4 developers, 1 team leader, 2 testers, 1 graphical designers
  • Server: Linux Farm Servers


  • The web platform developed by StimaSoft is implemented and used by over 100 customers in the entire world.
  • The StimaSoft solution automates the entire recruitment process from requisition to hire.
  • By using the platform developed by StimaSoft, Carerix’ customers gained control over their recruitment process, and managed to reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.
  • The Carerix platform helped its customers improve the hire process quality, increasing the quantity of candidates and the match rate between them and job requirements.


“StimaSoft is a strategic technology partner for Carerix. Its professional software engineers’ team assisted us in developing the Carerix comprehensive recruitment software.The StimaSoft team invested time to get acquainted with our company, industry field, and specific needs. Due to our good collaboration, we have decided to continue working with StimaSoft to continuously develop and implement new modules and features for the Carerix solution. They have helped us to automate the entire recruitment process for over 100 customers in the entire world.”

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