Due to the continuous growth of information generated by companies and of technical solutions improvements, companies are forced to constantly migrate data and applications from one platform to another.

Migration projects are critical for any company, as they deal with its data assets. The impact of a migration project failure can generate negative financial effects as a result of lost productivity and customer confidence. We provide our customers with the knowledge and expertise needed to help them secure any data migration project.

We have helped our customers to cost effectively migrate to new technologies while extending the life cycle of their systems. The migration projects developed by our experts included migrating and optimizing applications and data bases.

Data Migration Services. Our data migration services are designed to help your company upgrade its systems or migrate data from an existing infrastructure to another one. Our experts can deliver end-to-end data migration projects starting with migrating complexity assessment through live deployment to focusing on certain phases of migration projects.

Key benefits of migrating databases with our team’s assistance:

  • efficiently and rapidly data migration;
  • data migration activities whith minimal business disruption;
  • minimum data lost risks based on our best practices and proficient migration methodologies.

Application Migration Services.

Migrating applications to newer technologies can insure your company real-time evolution while protecting your original business objectives and model. By migrating to newer platforms, your application will get more effective at a cost much lower than re-engineering.

Benefits of applications running from newer technologies include:

  • Minimal business disruption
  • Increased productivity
  • Faster processing
  • Reduced IT complexity
  • Reduction overall costs
  • Opportunities to exploit new business opportunities
  • Enhanced system agility, stability, performance and adaptability
  • Increased security

Our experts use proven technologies and work methodologies to help your business meet its data and application migration needs, including high reliability, operational optimization, cost-effectiveness, business agility, and innovation adoption.