Conex services

We dont just create applications, we also offer a complete line of services for all your software projects needs.

Business Analysis

We conduct highly effective business analysis to assist your company in understanding how your investment in technology impacts on the quality of your activity. Our business analysis service’s main goals are to identify the best technology solutions to achieve your custom software solution and to improve it’s features in order to enable business performance.…read more

Database Services

From simple customer lists to more complex information systems, databases are a great tool to store and organize business data. Giving a business the tools to effectively manage all of its information, databases allow employees to work smarter and to increase productivity. From day-to-day routine activities to strategic decision making, your company’s database provides critical information to all your employees, customers, partners and providers. …read more

IT Consulting

We combine custom software development, implementation, delivery and maintenance with a consultative approach to identify the best technology solutions to achieve your business goals. From completing specific technical issues to strategic IT projects, we deliver technology consulting services to companies across multiple industries. …read more


Due to the constantly increasing amount of information generated by organizations combined with continous technical solutions improvements, companies are forced to keep migrating data and applications from one platform to another.…read more

Project Management

Our project management service aims to ensure that the goals and objectives of the web solution we deliver are fully met. Clear understanding of your business and technical requirements, transparent communication and strong planning are fundamental approaches for making every new software development project a success.…read more

Quality Assurance

Through the quality assurance service we aim to ensure that the web solutions developed by our experts meet the needed standards and requirements. Our quality assurance activities begin with establishing the development methodology. After we clearly identify the needed standards and conventions, we carry out quality assurance activities such as testing and audits to ensure that the applications are being developed on the basis of the decided guidelines. …read more